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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Back To Us

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About the Book
Title: Back To Us
Author: Teresa Roman
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Abandoned by her parents at fourteen, Jessica knows what it means to struggle. She's vowed that getting her degree is the only thing she has time for, until a summer internship brings Justin into her life.
But Justin has scars of his own. A tour of duty in Afghanistan has left him with wounds. A medical discharge from the Navy leaves Justin struggling to make sense of his new reality. Then he meets Jessica; but can the two of them leave their pain in the past and make a future together?


5 Stars!!

What a beautiful Story!

This kept me hooked from beginning to end.
Jessica has struggled since the age of fourteen when she was abandoned by her parents. She lived in care homes until she decided to contact her Brother and they got a place together. Jessica  goes to work in the Community centre over the summer where she meets Justin who also works there as the sports coach. Justin struggles to come to terms with his ‘scars’ from Afghanistan but he struggles even more telling Jessica about them. You go on the rollercoaster of ‘Life after the army’ and ‘Life as a student without support!’  with Justin and Jessica and it is one hell of an emotional ride.
I loved this story, Teresa has written it extremely well showing just a few of the struggles that men and women that serve our countries suffer. But also the struggles that some people, children and adults, have just to survive each day.
It’s beautiful and I would highly recommend this book.

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Author Bio
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Teresa Roman is a lover of books, both reading and writing them. She currently resides in Sacramento, CA with her husband, three adorable children and the puppy her son convinced them to adopt. When she isn't at her day job or running around with her kids, you can find her in front of the computer writing or with her head buried in another book.

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“I don’t want to bail on you, Justin. I love you.”
“It’ll be easier if you walk away now, before I fall even more in love with you than I already am,” Justin whispered, his voice hoarse.
“Please don’t say that to me again or I’m going to feel like it’s what you want.”
“You seemed so unhappy earlier after we left my apartment. I thought if we came back here I could make you forget what an awful time you had at my house.”
“Is that why you were overdoing it on the champagne?”
“You noticed?”
I nodded. “It’s not like you to drink that much.”
“God, I’m so sorry. I was just upset about the way my mom treated you. I kept thinking that you wished you had gone with your brother instead.”
“It wasn’t that bad,” I said. “Let’s just forget about it, okay?
Justin nodded. I lay back down and pulled him down beside me. It was half past three and I was tired. “If I turn off the lights and we try and get some sleep, do you think you’ll be okay?”
“Do you still love me, Jess?”
“Of course I do,” I insisted, surprised that he could think otherwise.
Justin wrapped one of his arms over my shoulder. “Then I’ll be all right.”


  1. Thank you for hosting me on your blog and for taking the time to read and review my book. I really do appreciate it :)

  2. what a great review!! and a really lovely book.