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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Interview with J Thompson

 Interview With J Thompson. 
I love these answers!
1. Favourite line you've ever written in one of your books?
Mmmm i think the one that stays with me is from SoulFate Book 2 in the SoulMate Series-Cosmos to Sonia “I love you, hellcat. I love you with every fibre of my being. If I could I would reach up and take the stars for you.” He smiled down at her, “I can’t do that but instead I can keep you safe.”
2. What project are you working on at the minute? ( are you allowed to tell us?)
Errr right my head is currently like spaghetti junction and i have around 10 projects on the go. SoulDeath which is book 3 in the Soulmate Series and is Hades story, The start of the Dark Desire series and i have already started Books 1, 1.5 and 2. The SoulReaper Series and a few stand alone novels too. At the moment i am finishing off the extension of my first contemporary novel that was a short story in a Valentine's Anthology  called Exercise in Love. I hope to have this finished and released soon
3. Do you have any hidden talents?
Haha i make swag dunno if you can class that as a talent. I love to craft and make jewellery so i set up the swag page Pebbles By Jenn
4. If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?
“J Thompson AKA Dolly caught selling Penis’s at Essex Author Event” (true story)
5. Would you Rather be without Elbows or knees?
I think i would say knees at the mo!! Mine hurt lol
6. What do you miss most about childhood?
Being able to believe with no judgement, believing in silly things. When i was a kid i sued to run outside shouting Falcor from the neverending story- i honestly believed he would show up and i could help bring Fantasia back.
7. Would you Rather have a large 10 inch long belly button that swayed to music or, accordions for legs?
Definitely the 10 inch belly, i could rock that swaying action…..let’s get a band together i can play the triangle as well.
8. If you were to write a book about yourself, What would you name it?
The Art of being Dolly
9. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit you have:
Ive just asked my husband and his answer was “You don’t drink all of your cup of tea” I think that’s about as exciting as i get lol
10. List 5 adjectives that best describe you.
Friendly, Happy, Positive, passionate, loyal
11. What do you love most about the book world?
I have been so lucky to meet some amazing and inspirational people in the book world, they way they are there for each other and offer support is truly awesome. The indie world has become the world i want to stay in regardless of my real life job
12. Which writer inspires you and why?
There are a few that i truly look up to Kresley Cole being one and Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. Both are amazingly brilliant writers and so friendly as well.
13. Are you a Listener or a Talker?
I would say i am a bit of both, it all depends on the situation. If someone needs me to listen then i will be that person but if a talker is needed i can do that and well so ive been told.
14. What childish thing do you still do as an adult?
Errrr blow raspberries at people, skip, colour in, watch disney movies, i have thrown a tantrum or two oh and demand sweets.
15. Would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with no books or a library with books in a language you don't understand?
See that's just mean, i could handle being stuck on an island with no books as long as i had paper so i could write whilst i was there, you also forgot to say no kindle so i would be ok..hehe.
But if i decided on the books but in a language i didn't understand, as long as they had pictures i think i would be good and who’s to say i couldn't learn the language.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Foster An Author Week

Foster an Author Week!
This week starts the beginning of Foster an Author Week. 
What Lies Within These Pages have received 2 authors and we will be posting about them all week.

First up is Author J Thompson

J. Thompson is a freelance writer of fantasy fiction and paranormal romance. Jenn has always loved history so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy she started writing. With her debut novel Soulkiss now available J has her sights set on producing some more mythical inspired novels along with a future series based on some hard assed demons.
She has many hobbies which include jewellery making, cross stitch and paper crafts, but also works out with her husband at their local gym. As well as this they both attend Caveman training, when Jenn isn’t writing.

J Thompson's first Book 
is available on all platforms


It all started with a dream.
He was handsome, sexy and had a body to die for.
He swept Arianna off of her feet with his charm and made her feel loved, cherished and protected.
Only one problem
He wasn’t real
This man, this oh so perfect man didn’t exist, he was but a figment of Arianna’s over active imagination, a culmination of her day dreams and deepest fantasies.
Or was he…
A double date soon turns to disaster, starting a chain of events that’s thrusts Arianna into a world so different from her own, testing her courage, her heart and her soul.
But is she strong enough to battle through and save the soul destined for her




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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Promise of December

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Book: The Promise Of December
Author: K.L.Jessop
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber
Photographer: Lindee Robinson
Models: Mikeala Galli and Jeremy Fowler


 photo ebook_zpsyssjyezy.jpg

That bittersweet word that plays on my mind every goddamn year. Some people love it, I don’t like the fact I still live around it. Like any other child, Christmas for me was the most magical time of all. The winter walks, the smell of fresh cinnamon and candy canes, the excitement in the pit of my stomach where I found it hard to sleep. I loved that.
But once you reach adulthood you soon realise that life is cruel and fairy tales are bullshit! And at twenty-one, that magic and belief were torn from my grasp and I suddenly wanted to be that little girl again.
December now means nothing. Christmas hurts. And the only coldness I feel is what’s congealed around my heart. Nothing would change, and no one could change it. 
Then I met him.

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About The Author 

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Kate has lived in South West England her entire life just on the edge of Dartmoor where the moorland goes on for days. It's beautiful, breathtaking and occasionally rather wet. 

Growing up as a kid, writing was never her course of direction as she disliked everything about it due to being dyslexic. However, overtime she got back into reading/writing and fell in love with adult romances. 
Then one day two characters etched their way into her mind and didn't show any signs of leaving - the rest is history.

She has a love/hate relationship with chocolate and the weekends are not the same without a vodka in hand. She's a sucker for a heart fluttering romance and can't help but go weak at the knees for a guy with a five o'clock shadow. ;-)

Stalk K.L.Jessop Here:

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn's Rise 5 star Review

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 5 Beautiful stars
Oh Wow!
Autumn's Rise was a beautiful story. The sadness this book contained was heartbreaking but the love, the lessons along the way and the happiness were breathtaking.
Zen was HOT he had the whole broody. grumpy thing going on but once you find out his secret you totally understand why he's such an A*&/#hole! 
Autumn has to be one of the strongest young ladies to have carried on 'living' after everything thrown at her was amazing. 
I cannot wait for Reid's story. and More from R.G. Corr

On the discovery of a family secret and the heart-wrenching events that follow, Autumn Chamberlain has lost what little faith she had in those closest to her. Knowing she can never truly live her life if she remains with her family, and with an abundance of guilt laying heavily in her heart, she escapes the lonely world she felt forced to live in and heads to the seaside town of Haywater. The aim, to look for a new beginning, a fresh start. But she has one clear notion – to never love again.

Talented surfer, Zed Maddison, has always worked hard at protecting those closest to him, until the day he fails. Fighting his own demons, Zed flees his close family; unable to 
face them and the remorse he feels before finally arriving in Haywater.

When their worlds collide, Zed has an unfathomable need to protect Autumn and becomes relentless in his fight, forcing Autumn’s defences to the limit. 

Can her secrets remain dead and buried?

Or will a revelation destroy everything?

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About The Author 

 photo RG AUthor_zpsrytktvgv.jpg

R. G. Corr is a mum of 3 who loves to read almost as much as she does to write. When she's not working or writing, you'll find her nose deep in her kindle swooning over her latest book boyfriend. 

Having had an overactive imagination for many years, a discussion with a friend at a soft play area, amidst the noise and mayhem of toddlers, finally convinced her to put pen to paper and write her first novel. 

Autumn's Rise, book one in the Haywater series, was released in February 2016. Book two will follow later in the year.

You can keep in touch with her via:

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Doubt Series by Sharon Johnson

D:\Documents\Enchanted Book Promotions\Book Tours\Upcoming Tours\Doubt Series\doubtseriesbanner.jpg
DeMatteo begins to lick his mate’s wounds, pushing at their bond. All he can sense is his mate’s pain and the cubs’ rising panic. Other than his pained whimpers and shallow breaths, Sean shows no signs of life. Even wounds on his body bleed only sluggishly. Real panic begins to crawl up his spine as Sean’s breathing becomes more and more erratic and DeMatteo can feel their souls separating.

About the Books

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt. Book 1 Doubt Series. Paranormal M/M

D:\Documents\Enchanted Book Promotions\Book Tours\Upcoming Tours\Doubt Series\Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.jpg
DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America. He is a young, successful lion shifter, surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover. By anyone's account, he has more than any one man can ask for, but his lion cares of nothing except finding their mate.
An unexpected business trip pits DeMatteo and his long awaited mate on opposite sides of the courtroom. But when challenged by ex-lovers, nosy siblings, and crazy hunters, DeMatteo realizes that finding his mate was the easy part. The real question is whether they will live long enough to be together.
This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain graphic violence, graphic language, and Mpreg. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone.

Erasing All Doubt (Alpha’s Rule). Book 0.5 Doubt Series. Paranormal M/MD:\Documents\Enchanted Book Promotions\Book Tours\Upcoming Tours\Doubt Series\Erasing All Doubt.jpg

Eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds. One thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. Twenty-four hours. One day. In his twenty-five years of life, DeMatteo Santiago had often taken for granted how much could change in a single day.
When DeMatteo crawled to bed at 10:30 pm on May 7, 1980, there was no way of knowing how the next twenty-four hours would forever alter his life. As a young Alpha lion shifter, DeMatteo has left his pride in search of his mate and a pride of his own. But the fates have been conspiring for centuries to lead him to this precise moment in time.
May 8, 1980, 10:30 pm: a moment in time that will forever change the life of Matthew (DeMatteo) Santiago. Facing the challenges of being the new Alpha of the largest pride in the United States, DeMatteo must find a way to lead in the face of his own personal tragedy.

Where Doubt Remains. Book 2 Doubt Series. Paranormal M/MD:\Documents\Enchanted Book Promotions\Book Tours\Upcoming Tours\Doubt Series\Where Doubt Remains.jpg

The story continues for Alpha DeMatteo Santiago and his mate. After the nightmare of having his pregnant mate kidnapped and tortured, DeMatteo begins the seemingly impossible process of piecing together the truth. Forces against them take this time to regroup and launch an all-out attack. Lies and half-truths fall apart as the past is investigated, but it's a race against time and failure could prove to be fatal.
This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain scenes of graphic violence, graphic sex, graphic language, Mpreg, and graphic birth. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone around him.

About the Author
LGBT Romance/Paranormal/Thriller/Suspense Author, Sharon Johnson is the pen name for a natural born story teller. Born and raised in New York City, Sharon is a former United States Marine with a quick wit and a vocabulary that would make most sailors blush. She specializes in M/M with Alpha males who are complex and flawed but are willing to fight for their HEA.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Rush Review by Rie Warren

Title: Rush
Series: Carolina Bad Boys #5
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: Erotic romance, humor, thriller, suspense, military, action/adventure
Release Date: October 3, 2016 Available Now on Kindle Unlimited  On 

=Review= 5 Stars 
I wasn't sure about this book to start with but i ended up loving it! 
I love the banter between Shy and Max aka Handsome aka Rush. I liked how all the "boys" had each others backs and whenever needed they dropped everything and helped out. 
The angst in the book was written extremely well and kept you on the edge of the seat and turning those pages! 
The one thing i thought i wouldn't like about this book is the amount of sex, i mean i don't mind sex in a book but once you've read one one sex scene in the book they're usually the same right? Nope not in this book, pretty much every single one was surprisingly different. 
I really enjoyed reading about these bad boys. Thank you Rie Warren

Sale: 99 cents!!!!
Hot girls, hot cars, and time behind bars . . . I’m the most unsuitable dude for pretty girl-next-door Shiloh Lockhart.
MAX HANDSOME RUSH I’m the black sheep of the Rush family, cut off from the bourbon distillery dynasty. Shrug. They didn’t approve of the high-octane rap sheet of arrests marring my pretty boy, prep school upbringing. Hot girls, hot cars, and time behind bars for illegal street racing—what can I say? Speed is in my blood. Now I’ve cleaned up. I’m being good. I’ve got my own plans, and they for damn sure don’t include Shiloh Lockhart. Shy. The goddamn classic girl next door. She shows up out of the clear blue, turning all the MC dudes into drooling manwhores. But not me. I’ve got too much to lose to risk falling for a perfect girl like her. When Shy’s overprotective folks tell her I’m bad news, they’re right. But come to find out she’s already endured more than her fair share of shit-gone-bad in her life, and she’s convinced I won’t make it any worse. Shy couldn’t be more wrong. SHILOH LOCKHART I haven’t seen Max since he got kicked out of the Rush family home years ago. Now I’m determined to get back in touch with the boy I used to crush on growing up. They call him Handsome at the motorcycle club he belongs to, and I can see why. The long dark brown hair. The smoldering whiskey-colored eyes. The sculpted face and big muscled body. Too bad he’s intent on treating me like a kid sister. Hmm. We’ll see how long that lasts, because to squash this schoolgirl crush I need to be with Max just once . . . turns out one taste of Rush isn’t enough. My situation is life threatening, but what he’s hiding is even more dangerous. Too late. Rush is already in my blood.

Ripped and ready, I cut through the dim, cool interior of the MC.  Sweaty, half naked, with my shorts riding low, I stomped past the pool tables.  My tats gleaming, my muscles charged, I barged out the front door. Brodie trailed me, grinning like an evil ape when I swung my head back to—yup—sling about my fifth glare of the day c/o Shiloh Lockhart.  I was usually a pretty easygoing guy.  Something about having her hanging around turned me into a snarling animal.  Then I saw her helluva hot ride—a fucking white Hennessey Hellcat with a black racing stripe. Holy. Christ. The hot coupe with total street cred was nothing short of drool-inducing for a gearhead like me. A flat-out, top-of-the line, bitchin’ ride. And then I took stock of Shy, leaning against the abovementioned droolworthy Charger, looking no less jaw dropping herself.  Strike. That. I meant I could see why Tail trailed out after us, then Cole.  Had nothing to do with my gut deep reaction to seeing a gorgeous woman with a delicious body wearing a long raspberry-colored dress that tightened over her tits and flowed around her legs. Or the hint of sunshine in her smile when she saw me. Or the sleek blonde-brown sun-drenched hair.  Or the luscious lips. Not At All. “’Zup, Shy?” I reeled in my tongue, half-shuttered my eyes, took anything but a platonic, good old friends greeting off the table.  Unfortunately I hadn’t counted on her inspection of me.  Her soft silver-colored eyes roamed and roved over me as she licked those—yup—luscious lips. I straightened taller the longer she detailed every inch of my body—most of it bare, most of it hard, a lot of it inked—and the color in her cheeks brightened.  Fuck. She was making me self-conscious. I almost ducked my head in an aw shucks move.  Brodie would get his rocks off about that.  Not gonna happen.  She slowly—in a silky movement—pulled herself away from the Hellcat. She came to me at what had to be an intentionally seductive pace.  Or my breath had roughened for nothing.  Didn’t look like nothing.  Really needed to be. Hellcat? I might have to start calling her that.  Could I hold out my fist for a knuckle bump with Shy? Back slap? High five?  Because hugging her at that exact moment might prove lethal to all my just an old friend dictates.  Shy took matters into her own hands, pulling me to her by the back of my neck while I played wooden soldier in her embrace. Something sure was catching wood.  Between my legs. So wrong. “Uhm.” Disentangling her arms from me, I created some space and hoped my shorts were baggy enough to hide a growing boner. “What brought you here?” I heard Tail loud-whisper to Cole. “She wants some of that.” “Handsome’s makeover’s working out then.” “Nah. Dude. He’s magic. Could always pull pussy.” Brodie strode up to the duo and smacked each of them on the back of the head. Not that he wasn’t capable of the same damn loose-lipped bullshit.  Shy—Miss Manners and all—pretended she hadn’t heard a thing. And for that I loved her.  “I was just on my way to a meeting and I got a flat.” She pointed to the rear left tire. “Hoped you could help?” I took a turn around sizzling hot Hennessey then hunkered down to inspect the dead tire. “You should really take this to Stone’s. It’s their specialty. I can put on the dummy tire and drive it over if you want.”  Lifting to my feet, I realized Shy was way too fucking close in proximity.  Her fresh, beach-swept scent slid over me.  Her silvery eyes shone under a long fan of eyelashes.  And one step closer, her tits would hit my bare chest.  I stepped back, wiping my palms on my shorts.  “But you were always into this kind of thing. You can take care of me, right, Max?” Eyelash flutter and sweet smile. Shit.  Brodie—bastard barbarian—shoved me forward. “He’ll do it. On the house too. We got just the right tire inside.” I walked over to the garage side of Chrome and Steele and rapped on the wide door. “Open up.” My feet pounding on pavement, I struck back to Shy and the Dodge that gave me an instant hard-on.  Because I refused to blame the sudden need to bust-a-nut on my old friend, never flame, the girl next door.  “Drive it in.” “Why don’t you do the honors?” She tossed me her keys.  I looked at the car. Looked at her. And decided I might never get the chance to drive a Hellcat again.  Shrugging, I eased into the driver’s side then pushed open the passenger door. “Hop in.” With a smoky laugh, Shy curled in beside me.  I started the car, and the loud purring engine sent another jolt to my dick.  This coupe was goddamn heart-stopping gorgeous.  Come to think of it, so was Shy.  Not going there. I found my voice somewhere deep down in my chest. “What made you buy this?” “I like my toys to be hard, fast, and sexy.”  “Toys?” A ragged breath rasped from my throat. 

Rie is the badass, sassafras author of Sugar Daddy and the Don’t Tell series–a breakthrough trilogy that crosses traditional publishing boundaries beginning with In His Command. Her latest endeavors include the Carolina Bad Boys, a fun, hot, and southern-sexy series. 
A Yankee transplant who has traveled the world, Rie started out a writer—causing her college professor to blush over her erotic poetry without one ounce of shame. Not much has changed. She swapped pen for paintbrushes and followed her other love during her twenties. From art school to marriage to children and many a wild and wonderful journey in between, Rie has come home to her calling. Her work has been called edgy, daring, and some of the sexiest smut around.  You can connect with Rie via the social media hangouts listed on her website She is represented by Saritza Hernandez, Corvisiero Literary Agency.