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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nothing Ever Lasts Interview and review

Title - Nothing Ever Lasts
Author - Jasmine Lee
Editor - Adrian J Smith
Formatter - Champagne Formats
Cover Designer - Sheri McGathy
Photographer - Tabitha Patterson
Cover Models - Bri Jay & Lance Jones

I’m an asshole.

I got no shame in admitting it, hell my wife knew that first hand after we worked together the first time. It isn’t like I tried to be this candy ass punk of a douche to sweep her off her feet. Why would I waste my fucking time with that bullshit? When I can be a complete asshole and get her on her back.


Yeah, something like that. But in the end I don’t give a shit, I got her. Now I just have to figure out how to get her to fall in love with me and to actually give this marriage of ours a shot. If for no other reason than at least for our daughter Emmy.

18+ Readers, Sexual Content, Language
***Possible Spoilers***
3 Stars
I am really torn writing this review. I can't decide if i liked the book or not.
Kailee cried way too much.
 I really dislike the phrase 'A single tear' and that was said a lot.
Boyds parents or sister never went to see the baby.
 When Boyd left to go back to New York for a bit he didn't even say goodbye to Emmy, he just left. As soon as i think things are getting better between them and they are getting on...BAM she asked him to leave!! That i struggled to understand.
However, after all that negativity there were parts that were written really well, well enough that when they were speaking on the phone towards the end it made me cry. There was a lot of potential in this book and i really think that Jasmine is capable of it (there was parts that proved she can) but it just needs a little work.
And i absolutely love the cover.


Author Interview

1. Can you relate to any of your characters in Nothing Ever lasts?
Yes. When I write any of my books I always write the female MC to have my attitude. Plus I went through some of the same dilemmas Kailee goes through in NEL.
2. In NEL they go 'Mudding' is that something you like to do?
Yes, I use to love go muddin. Of course now it’s a bit harder to do but when my husband goes I tag along ;)

3. Who was your inspiration for the main characters in NEL?
Ahh...that would be Bri Jay and Eric Marshall from the Skipping Stones Series cover shoot. The way they interacted throughout the day of the shoot gave me the idea.

4. When did you start writing?
I’ve always wrote but never did anything with it until this last year

5. Who are some of your favourite authors?
Tough one. I like alot of different authors so I’ll leave it at that

6. Who inspired you to start writing?
Not someone but boredom when I was a teenager.

7. What genre's do you like to read the most?
Paranormal and historical fiction

8. What's your favourite Colour?
Blue - (Mine too)

9. What do you like to do for fun?
Photography, read, watch movies with my kiddos

About the author

Hey everyone, (Waves)

Well lets see, I could tell ya a grand story full of A-list celebrities but lets face it, that only happens in books. I'm married and have two kiddos a son who is a avid baseball player and a daughter who is very passionate about horses. I was born and raised in a small country town in Deep East Texas. Not playing the POP is like 300 people!! I love writing/reading and taking pictures. All 3 have been long time hobbies of mine.



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